Turning Your Bathroom into the Tropics

Your bathroom may be the only place in the house where-hopefully-you can achieve complete privacy and respite from your day. Not only is the bathroom the place where you both start and end your day, but also a place where you can find a bit of peace and quiet in your hectic life. If you have been considering redecorating your bathroom, why not turn it into a tropical paradise-relaxing and idyllic?

Picking Your Color Palette

First you will need to select your colors; typically tropical designs will either be quite bright, or in the earthy, muted tones. If your goal is to be invigorated every time you set foot into your bathroom, consider the bright colors, such as teal, vibrant orange or salmon. A shower curtain with all these colors, then bath mats and towels using one of the colors can give your bath a bright fresh look that makes you happy just to step into. If you like the more subdued look, try the paler tropical tones such as sky blue, sage green and sand. You will incorporate the tropical colors throughout your decorating scheme, including curtains, picture frames, wastebasket, rugs and towels.

Lighting Your Tropical Paradise

As you known, sunlight abounds in the tropics, and your tropical bathroom should mimic that as much as possible. If you have windows in your bathroom, you are already ahead of the game. Consider bamboo blinds or plantation shutters which will provide privacy yet still allow the natural light to stream in. If you opt for curtains, make them the light and airy kind. If your bathroom presently has no windows, check into what it would take to add a skylight. Even one of the newer skylight tubes can bring in lots of natural light to your tropical bath. Recessed lighting installed above the shower and sink can provide a warm glow when there is no natural light. Consider wall sconces, and even bamboo shades on the walls.


Your tropical paradise needs accessories, of course, to complete the look. A woven fabric shower curtain could accessorize and emphasize your theme, and a jute or seagrass rug will truly make you believe you are in the tropics, if only briefly. Bamboo is often associated with the tropics, so use it liberally in your decorating scheme. You should be able to incorporate the tropical theme into your toothbrush and soap holders, and can even place a live bamboo plant in your bathroom if you have the space. You might try hanging a tropical fish wall art on the wall, or perhaps photographs of coastal scenery. I have even seen accent lamps shaped like palm trees which could really add to your tropical scene. Try filling glass vases or bowls with seashells to continue your theme and pictures of tropical paradise can complete the tropical theme and allow you to escape from life, if only for a short time.