The Many Different Types of Bathroom Soaps

As you're redecorating your bathroom, don't forget one essential item - your bathroom soap. Of course, you can slap an old fashioned soap bar on a shower shelf, dust off your hands and go on to other things. However, there are so many soap choices today that adding just the right soap to your newly renovated bathroom can be downright exciting.

Fragrant Soaps

Fragrant soaps are wonderful for people who prefer to smell like something besides plain clean soap. They are also popular with people who enjoy aromatherapy. In fact, many people claim that using a lavendar scented soap can actually help them relax and fall asleep, while a peppermint scented soap helps them wake up and face a new day. Some baby soaps are now infused with lavendar scent because of this theory.

Molded Soaps

If you have a specific theme for your bathroom, such as seashore decor, you may want to take a look at molded soaps. You can find them in virtually any shape, from seashells to cats. These little soaps have a reputation for being gnawed on by unsuspecting children, because they look an awful lot like colored chocolate, so you may not want to use them in a child's bathroom without explaining exactly what they are.

Bathroom Soap Dispenser

If you are tired of that slimy soap scum mess on your sink from those damp bars of traditional bathroom soap, you'll love the idea of a bathroom soap dispenser. You can simply buy liquid hand soap that already comes in its own dispenser, but decorative dispensers can really complement your bathroom's decor. These dispensers come in almost every shape and size. You can find a Sponge Bob Squarepants model for your child's bathroom or a sleek glass and chrome model for your ultramodern bath. Replacing disposable dispensers can be expensive, so no matter which style you choose, you should consider buying liquid soap refills instead. The refills are much cheaper per ounce than the soap dispensers filled with liquid soap.

Bathroom Soap Dishes

If you love to work up a lather with a bar of bathroom soap, but hate cleaning soap scum off of all the places you leave your soap, you'll want to take a look at bathroom soap dishes. These dishes are designed to hold a bar of soap and let it dry out between showers so that you don't grab a slimy, oozy bar when you get ready to lather up. Although the bottom of your soap dish will still be covered in soap scum, at least the rest of your shower caddy will be nice and clean. You can get very simple soap dishes in a variety of colors, but why not have fun with this bathroom accessory? Shopping for a more whimsical soap dish, such as one designed to look like an old fashioned clawfoot tub, can be a lot of fun.