Need Some Ideas To Revamp That Tired Old Bathoom?

Considering how often you really use the bathroom (shaving, showering etc) don't you owe it to yourself to make it the best room it can be? That being said most people neglect their bathrooms - it's normally tucked away underneath a stairs or at the back of the house. It gets cleaned once a week and that's it. You don't have to be the red-faced owner of a dull and dingy bathroom - why not try some of the following ideas to give that old bathroom some vavavoom!

Water Themes

The bathroom is all about water so it makes perfect sense for beach and ocean themes to be popular amongst decorators and DIY enthusiasts. You can take the aquatic themeing a step further with a proper beach theme. To achieve this start with the color scheme. A peach or pale blue base color with sea shell accessories added to the room will provide a decorating "foundation" for your beach theme. Moving on from there you can look at furnishing the room with old or new whitewashed wooden or plain wicker furniture. If you want the room to have more of an "ocean" and less of a "beach" feel to it then use pale green and blue tones instead of the original peach base color. An ocean theme can then be accompanied by dark wood grain furniture or more whitewashed wooden furniture - these always add to the finished room.

More Ideas

Neither of the above themes appeal to your tastes? No problem! Well why not consider decorating your bathroom in a tropical style? You can use tan and jungle green as base colors and just add a touch of red here and there to really lift the whole room. If you can afford it then rattan furniture really adds to this kind of theme. You'll also need to look at finding a sisal rug to replace your standard bathroom rug to fully finish the room.

If your bathroom featues a spa tub or a large soaking tub then you could opt for an Italian theme because of the sense of luxury they lend to a room. Mosaics are an integral part of this decorating style and these suit bathrooms perfectly - mosaics pretty much scream luxury and class. If you're looking for color ideas for this type of theme then using reds, blues and gold are the best colors to start with.

Once you see the finished product - your new bathroom - you'll shake your head wondering why you didn't redecorate sooner. 99% of us start and end our day in the bathroom so why not make it as pleasant an experience as possible - it won't cost the earth and you can shop for 90% of the materials from the comfort of where you're sitting right now.

An improved bathroom can also add value to your home.  Find out more.