Finishing Your Bathroom Design By Adding Pictures

Bathroom accessories have come a very long way over the years and things like photos and prints of artwork are making a big wave in the bathroom decorating arena. There's several online resources available with a nice selection of pictures to enhance any bathroom design scheme. For the kids there are animals and insects swimming in a pool or bathing in the tub. There are even prints of popular cartoon characters they love to watch so much in water-themed settings.

What To Hang

You can purchase humorous and fun bathroom pictures or signs with things like 'Occupied' or 'Outhouse' stamped on them. There are even wall borders with pictures of charming folk art outhouses printed on them to further coordinate your design plans. Of course there's the ever famous print of a teddy bear reading the newspaper which is appealing for kids as well. There are cute photo prints of babies unrolling toilet paper and funny cartoons with people or animals in humorous bathroom situations - there really is something for everyone.

On a more serious note, John William Waterhouse is a popular British painter from the late 19th and early 20th century who has done several paintings in water-based settings and themes. Choose from his 'Lady in the Lake' or 'Lady of Shallot in Boat' as it sometimes called, or the paintings titled 'Mermaid' of which there are two different adaptations to choose from. Integrating this type of artwork into your bathroom will raise it to a new level.


Keep in mind that prints and photos you might want to hang in your bathroom don't necessarily have to be water-themed to add a nice decorative touch. Any type of art that you feel would enhance your design is perfectly acceptable - bring your own personal tastes to bear here. It's all a matter of personal preference. Monet's watercolor paintings of landscapes and flowers could be a beautiful addition to your bathroom. His artwork is painted in a multitude of bright hues and would match most color schemes that a home decorator could choose.

Bathroom pictures do not have to be the product of a famous artist either. Maybe you've got your own piece that you created yourself - a painting, mosaic, collage, even a doodle, or something the kids painted or drew at home or in school. Put a frame around it and it's art! Hanging it in the bathroom is just another good design idea for adding a personalized touch to your decorating scheme. The more homely the bathroom is the more your family will enjoy it.

Picture frames around mirrors or medicine cabinets are another great way to add some artsy detail in the bathroom. Look for nicely detailed frames in antique or contemporary styles to match your own taste. By simply framing the mirror in your bathroom, you've created a piece of art with very little effort.

Look around online at art sites and see what appeals to you. After all, it's a room that's utilized constantly so why not enhance its aesthetical appeal as well as its functionality.