Choosing A Decorative Bathroom Mirror For Your Wall

One of the most frequently used items in most bathrooms is the mirror. People duck into the bathroom frequently during the day to perform grooming tasks, from styling hair to making sure there isn't spinach in their teeth. Since bathroom mirrors are used so often, it makes sense to take some time to make sure you get one that meets your needs and goes well with your bathroom's decor.

If you are short on space, you may want to consider functional bathroom mirror and medicine cabinet combinations. This two for one solution allows you to install a roomy medicine cabinet with a large mirror on it instead of skimping on the size of one of these important bathroom pieces. Sleek chrome bathroom mirrors on cabinets can really help make the room appear streamlined and modern. More ornate designs may go well with a Victorian bathroom.

People who already have mirrored medicine cabinets may want additional bathroom wall mirrors for several reasons.

Mirrors are useful additions to the room because:

* Decorative bathroom mirrors can add interest to the dreariest little bathroom. A wood and metal framed mirror can tie several types of surfaces together. An ornate mirror creates a focal point in the room.

* Large bathroom wall mirrors can make a tiny room much more comfortable. This is because big mirrors reflect back the other half of a room, making the whole space appear larger and roomier.

* Rooms without windows are often dark and a bit claustrophobic. However, a mirror reflects light back into the space and makes the room brighter. In addition, placing a scenic picture directly across from the mirror can often create the feel of a window, since the scene is reflected there.

* People who consider fung shei to be an important part of home decorating use mirrors to help create create the proper pathways for luck and money to flow into the home.

Bathroom Mirrors for People Without Wall Space

If you don't have wall space for a mirror, there is another ideal hanging surface in the bathroom - the back of your door. There are many different mirrors that are designed to hang right on your door, giving you the ability to see your outfits easily and make sure everything matches up the way it should. Full length bathroom mirrors do have one drawback, though. They can be quite heavy and anchoring a massive mirror to a hollow core door is not the best idea. People with hollow core doors should:

* Be sure to shop for lightweight mirrors and look for alternate hanging methods, such as putting a hook over the top of the door to hold the mirror into place instead of depending on anchors that screw directly into the door.

* Consider using a group of self stick mirror tiles to create a full length mirror on your less than sturdy door instead of using a traditional mirror.