Bathroom Slippers - Stay Snug and Stay Safe

You step out of your cozy bath and wish you were still there. Boy, is that beautiful tile floor ice cold! If you have a comfortable pair of bathroom slippers nearby, your discomfort will only last as long as it takes you to slide your feet into them. Bathroom slippers are a great way to keep your feet warm and toasty after you step out of your tub or shower and they are much easier to slide onto slightly damp toes than a thick pair of socks.

Bathroom Slippers for Men

If you are afraid you will only be able to find those silly bear claw slippers or Godzilla claw slippers to keep your feet warm when you are walking around your house, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Men's bathroom slippers come in a variety of more sophisticated styles, such as moccasins and slip on models with open backs. If you are a loyal sports fan, you will probably opt for slippers that are made in your favorite team's colors and have the team's logo on them.

Bathroom Slippers for Women

Women's slippers come in almost as many styles as regular shoes do and with the attractive models available, it is no surprise that they don't always stay in the bathroom. Ballet style bathroom slippers are dressy enough for a tired bride to slip on her feet as she sits down during the reception following the wedding ceremony. Moccasins and slip on styles often make the trek to the mailbox or trash can. Mules are perfect for lounging around the house in the evening while you are entertaining friends. Open toe slippers are practical for summer months, when you don't necessarily want to keep warm, but want to keep your feet nice and soft. Of course, the feathery slippers that look like boas for the feet are a bit trickier to multi-task with, but sometimes you just need a silly pair of slippers.

Bathroom Slippers for Kids

Children's slippers are so fun and imaginitive that they often are as much a toy as they are a comfortable indoor shoe. Dinosaur claws, bunnies and other creatures are very common, as are dressier princess styles for little girls. Character slippers are available for almost every children's cartoon or movie, from Bob the Builder to Scooby Doo.

Massaging Slippers

For someone who has been on his or her feet all day long, massaging slippers are the ultimate luxury. These slippers are available in several styles, but cordless battery operated models are probably the most popular. Many of these slippers are made with memory foam, which forms around your feet so that you can walk around more easily.

Finally, if you are looking for a gift for the woman who seems to have everything, there is a bathroom slipper that brings spa comfort to your home. Pedicure bathroom slippers are designed to keep that fresh polish unsmeared while it dries.