Kids Bathroom Accessory Ideas

As you are probably all too aware, getting the kids into the bathroom for things like brushing their teeth and taking their baths can be quite a task. But turning your child's bathroom into a room that they enjoy being in can be a big help to you. If you can make your bathroom more fun and more of a game for them then they won't mind spending the necessary time in there. The neat thing about this is that it doesn't need to cost a fortune to achieve this result.

Great Tips

Here's a few ideas to help you achieve this winning effect.

Picking up after the kids is an undertaking in itself, but for those of you who are just so tired of picking their clothes up off the bathroom floor, there is a solution! Did you know that you can purchase hampers in the shapes of animals, insects and people online? Some of these fun styles include colorful hippos, ducks, frogs and even little sportsmen. The tops of the hampers stay put with a Velcro closure and are made of machine washable materials. You can tell the kids that they are 'feeding' the hampers every time they put their dirty clothes into them! They won't want their new 'friend' or 'pet' to starve, so this a really good way to get the kids to put their dirty clothes where they belong, instead of the bathroom or bedroom floor.

For bath time, there are all sorts of crazy shower curtains and coordinating bath mats available online. Sports, flowers and animals are big hits with kids and there are designs for both boys and girls, or unisex varieties to share. These types of kid's bathroom accessories come in bright, bold colors with coordinating shower curtain rings and are sure to put a smile on the face of any child who sees them, even on a daily basis. Laying a coordinating bath mat in front of their tub makes the scene an even cooler place to be!

Additional Accessories

You can complete your childs new bathroom revamp with additional accessories such as matching towels and cool toothbrush and tissue holders. These items also come in a wide variety of colors and designs, and many are offered on the same websites you purchased your other items from so you can keep the theme going. Don't forget a coordinating waste basket so the little ones are sure to have a place to put their empty toothpaste tubes and used tissues instead of on the floor. Wall borders and switch plate covers are yet a couple of more ways to accessorize and enhance the project.

Sitting down with the kids and looking online at several sites will be a great way to get them involved with this process. Allowing them to choose the look and theme they like best for their bathroom will almost guarantee you less tugging and pleading to get them in there. Now wouldn't that be nice?