Finding the Perfect Bathroom Vanity for Your Bathroom

Most realtors believe that updating your bathroom or kitchen adds value to your home, and that should you ever desire to sell your home, these remodels will certainly make a difference. When you are considering a bathroom remodel or complete overhaul, you should choose your bathroom vanity wisely as it can be a central focal point in the room. There are several important considerations, one of them being the size of your bathroom. If the room is very small, then you may decide to skip the bathroom vanity and simply install a pedestal sink. While pedestal sinks can be really beautiful and modern, they lack the storage space of a regular vanity, and storage space for most of us is really at a premium. If the bathroom will primarily be used as a guest bathroom, then this may not be such an important consideration, however family bathrooms almost always benefit from the extra drawers and shelves a vanity offers.

How to Choose

When you are planning on buying a new bathroom vanity, take into careful consideration who will be using the vanity so you can determine the correct height. If you have unusually tall-or short-people in your home, then adjust the height of the vanity accordingly so you can see the mirror well and won't get a backache. Seniors and those in wheelchairs will also appreciate a vanity height which accommodates their needs. If you have an especially large bathroom, you might want to consider a double sink and vanity; you will be amazed at the counter space and storage space a double sink/vanity offers, plus if more than one person uses the bathroom a double sink allows you to separate your toiletries.

Types and Styles of Vanities

Most often vanities are wooden, and there is a wide variety of different woods and styles you can choose from. Especially if your bathroom is small, you may want to choose a light wood such as ash, or paint the vanity a light color. Darker colors tend to make the room look smaller, so when equipping a small bathroom, it is especially important to keep your colors and accents light and airy. Make sure whichever finish you choose is stain resistant and water resistant-an extremely important consideration for a bathroom vanity. You might want to choose a traditional style vanity, or could lean more toward a modern, or even Victorian style vanity. If you like antiques, you might check out the antique stores in your area to look for an antique type vanity. If you choose such an antique, remember that antique bathroom vanity cabinets which either were dressers or buffets-or have be recreated to look like them-may not have as much space as they appear to have. It is likely that the top drawer will either be very small, or completely unusable because of the room required for the sink plumbing.

If you want to give your bathroom a whole new look, adding a new bathroom vanity and sink can change the entire appearance of your room.