What Is The Difference Between Overflow Bath Tubs
And Traditional Bath Tubs?

As bathroom remodeling becomes more popular, more people are discovering the benefits of overflow bath tubs. These bath tubs are relatively new on the market and are created by some of the biggest names in bathroom products. There are several reasons why someone may choose to place overflow bath tubs in their home and each person may have a different reason for making their choice.

Overflow Tubs

Overflow bath tubs are different than traditional bath tubs in several ways. The overflow tubs are built larger than traditional bath tubs, allowing you to lay deeper in the tubs and giving you more room to move. The overflow bath tubs also have a ledge around the top of the bathtub, allowing the water to overflow the side of the basin and recirculate into the bath tub so that the level of the water remains the same and no water is lost.

The water contained in overflow bath tubs is recirculated into the basin of the tub by a pump, which is usually concealed in the side of the tub. While the tub is full, the pump takes the water that has overflowed the side of the basin and silently pumps it back into the basin so that the water can flow continuously. When it is time to drain the tub, the pump will lock in the off position as soon as the drain is opened to prevent the pump from running dry and damaging itself.

The sensation that is created by the overflow bath tubs is soothing and comfortable to the person that is soaking in the tub. The continuous motion of the water overflowing the top of the tub and being recirculated into the basin of the tub creates increased buoyancy and a feeling that you are floating in the tub. Some overflow bath tubs also contain water jets to create massaging bubbles in the tub, adding to the relaxation and luxury of using the tub.

Overflow bath tubs are available in a number of different colors and styles to help shoppers find the one that has the features that they desire and a style that they like. Providing the tubs in a multitude of colors also increases the chances that you will not have to redecorate your bathroom for the tub to match the décor. Still, overflow bath tubs are always available in white for the shoppers that would like to play it safe.