Tips for Choosing Bathroom Tiles

Tiles are the ideal choice for the bathroom because they’re waterproof, durable and very easy to clean. The right selection can make large bathrooms cozier and open up smaller spaces. There are numerous design possibilities with tile and it’s important to take your time making the right choice because your choice of bathroom tile can set the whole mood for the room.

Tile Size

Bathroom tiles can come in a variety of different sizes. Large tiles, usually 60cm x 30cm, do not typically look good in a small bathroom. They dwarf the size of the room and look unbalanced when installed because they’re so large you’ll need to cut many of them down to make them fit in the room. However, if you are able to install large tiles with few cuts, then their design can make a dramatic design impression.

Small tiles, usually around 10cm x 10cm, tend to look better in smaller bathroom than larger ones. The downside is that if too many are used, they tend to make the room look too busy. If using small tiles, avoid tiling the floor, the entire tub surround and the sink surround at the same time. Also, be aware that small tiles require more grout work which doesn’t always look visually appealing and is difficult to clean.

If in doubt, stay with medium-sized tiles. These tiles tend to be 40cm x 25cm and work well in most small and large bathrooms. Regardless of the bathroom size, small tiles will be the best choice if the spacing between the toilet, window, tub and washbasin is compact. Small tiles will flow better than large ones or even medium-sized ones because fewer cuts will be necessary to make them fit.

Countertop Tile

Consider patterned borders or an accent color as a trim for a neutral counter surface for an interesting look.Avoid small tile because all the grout lines will be difficult to clean and can be breeding grounds for bacteria, mildew and mold growth. A slightly textured tile or one with a discreet pattern will hide water spots and other spills better than monochrome tile. Be aware that extra care will be needed to clean any tile with a texture, no matter how slight, since it will more easily hold bacteria than a smooth surface.

Floor Tile

Unlike a counter, a bathroom floor tile with some texture is a better choice than smooth tile. There’s a lot of water in a bathroom and spills on smooth tile will create a more dangerous slippery surface. If you have the space, consider laying the tiles in any position other than the classic checkerboard. Setting the tiles diagonally in a diamond pattern is attractive. Adding a pattern of colors and neutrals can also add a wow factor to your bathroom.