Shower Enclosures

Whether you're looking for a standard shower stall enclosure, an exclusive shower door, or a custom-made shower ensemble, today's selection of shower enclosures is hip, hot, and happening. Not are bath manufacturers applying advanced engineering, technology, and genius in creating modern bath products, but consumers are increasingly seeking high-quality products with more lavish designs, including luxury bathrooms décor, hi-tech fixtures and innovative accessories in a wide range of styles.

Bathrooms on a Budget

You don't have to spend a fortune to design the bathroom of your dreams either. While custom-made designs don't come cheap, there are less extravagant options which are fashionable yet affordable. If you explore today's many bath and shower products, plan carefully, and add a touch of imagination and creativity, you can beautify your bathroom without blowing your budget!

Glass Shower Doors and Enclosures

Glass is the dominant theme in modern shower doors and enclosures, with options including plain clear glass, frameless curved glass, sandblasted glass, and etched glass decorated with contemporary or traditional designs which make a permanent fashion statement reflecting your stylistic taste. Clear glass (i.e., like bathroom mirrors) adds a sense of space to your bath area, while decorative glass adds class and elegance to any bathroom décor.

Moreover, modern glass shower doors and shower enclosures are enhanced by technologically advanced surface treatments, which protect glass against residue and allow for easy cleaning.

Types of Shower Doors

Sliding (Bypass) Shower Doors: One of the most popular picks in contemporary shower doors, sliding doors slide open/shut quietly and smoothly, adding sophistication to a sleek bath environment.

Swinging (Pivot) Shower Doors: You can install swinging shower doors to open to the right or to the left, creating an easy access shower area.

Corner Shower Doors: Maximum efficiency corner shower doors can swing left or right in accordance with your bathroom layout. Contemporary corner shower doors use curved glass and angled glass panels with decorative edges to create a one-of-a-kind bathroom fit for a king!

Steam Shower Doors: These upscale shower doors form the tightest seal to keep steam inside the shower enclosure while preventing residue buildup. Some steam shower enclosures come with matching marble, tiled, or glass seating for the ultimate at-home spa experience.

Shower Floors

High quality shower floors should be easy to install and clean, and should be leak-resistant. For safe and easy access to/from the shower stall to the bathroom floor, invest in low-threshold shower receptors which minimize the step up and down.

Choice materials for shower floors include:

•- Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) with a gelcoat finish to retain the shower floor's color over time

•- Acrylic, a material easy to maintain that is both lightweight and durable

•- Cast Iron, made from over 90% recycled material and available in many rich colors

High function has never been more fashionable than with modern shower enclosures, shower doors, and shower floors!