Latest Tile Styles

The Ultimate Bathroom Accessory

Tiles have been called the ultimate bathroom accessory, with the ability to transform your bathroom walls and floors from Simple Simon to Simply Sensational, or from Plain Jane to elegant, suave, and sophisticated. Just like other types of interior decorating accessories, tiles can compliment or enhance your existing bathroom décor, or tiles can make a stylish splash all on their own.

Tile Benefits

Did you know that tile has become the number one choice in new and remodeled bathroom walls? This is thanks to the unique qualities of tiles: tiles are easy to clean, stain resistant, waterproof, relatively inexpensive can be laid down by a non-professional homeowner, and now came in myriads of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles to meet all your decorating needs.

Modern Bathroom Tile Styles

Here are some the latest, most up-to-date tile styles being introduced in the bathroom industry.

Glass Tiles: Made from real glass or recycled bottles, you can now mix and match colored glass tiles, patterned glass tiles, and glass tile finishes to decorate, add space and depth, and increase light in your bathroom area.

Mosaic Tiles: These popular floor and wall coverings can be the focal point of your bathroom or tie together all the elements of the room. Some mosaic tiles feature a medallion or other central design, surrounded by a complementary border pattern.

Earth Tone Tiles: Deep green, brown, blue and beige tones wrap around your bathtub area with these vertical and horizontally-shaped tiles. Mix and match shapes and sizes to create a one-of-a-kind geometric or asymmetric bathroom pattern.

Aqua Glass Tiles: Perfect for bathrooms with a nautical or ocean-related theme such as the deep blue sea, dolphins, whales, mermaids, sea shells, the tropics, a day at the beach, and more.

Colored Floor Tiles: Show off your bathroom floors by combining multi-c0lored tiles in a unique design. Sure to receive a standing ovation from all your guests!

River Rock Tiles: It's back to nature with these contemporary designer bathroom tiles, which come on mesh sheets for easy and quick installation.

Border Tiles: Simple yet elegant, border tiles help ground a large bathroom space and are available in a wide array of styles and colors. Border tiles are excellent accents for any existing bathroom décor.

Bringing High-Tech to Tiles

Today's bath innovations bring five-star luxury to your doorstep with heated bathroom tiles! Gone are the days of cold ceramic tile floors and freezing feet as you exit the bathtub or shower. Electric floor heating is the newest rage in bath-and-bed products, and can even be used as a room's primary source of heating. Easy to install under a tile floor, electric floor heating radiates heat around your entire bath space and costs between $400 and $800.

Make a statement with your bathroom tiles today!