Computerized Showers

With today's technology you can have your whole shower experience run by a computer program, including being air dried if you want. And you don't have to be in Bill Gates' league to install a computerized shower. A whole computerized shower stall unit can be yours for around $2,500! Although not cheap, it is quite reasonable when you take into account how much you can pay for a whole bathroom make over.

All In One

These types of 'all in one' shower stall systems are relatively easy to install as they usually come in a complete kit. All they need to work is to be properly connected to the bathroom's plumbing and electricity. If you buy the unit from a bathroom showroom they will usually install it for you, and hopefully explain how all the features work too! However, if you order the computerized shower unit online, it is probably still a good idea to get the professionals in to install it, unless you are a very competent DIY plumber and electrician.

Shower Features

While each model has different features depending on the brand and the price, most have everything from whirlpool jet massage options, to being able to make phone calls in the shower! Some offer specific programmable acupressure functions, steam baths, rainfall shower options and even a Jacuzzi. You can even program your favorite CD's to sing along to in the shower! At the high end you can also have a sauna and a hot tub included in your dream shower unit. And of course you can program all the functions including the water temperature to achieve your ideal shower combination. Some models are designed to hold two in comfort so you can easily shower or use the hot tub function together with your partner. This gives a whole new meaning to the idea of saving water by bathing with a friend!

Shower Hygiene

In order to maintain complete shower hygiene you can program your shower unit to self clean so that you need never worry about germs in the bathroom again. Not to mention all that bending over to clean the tub and shower are a thing of the past. And with these completely enclosed showers looking like something out of Star Trek, you won't have to worry about water from the shower on the bathroom floor ever again!

So when you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom, or creating an en-suite shower for your master bedroom, consider installing a computerized shower unit. It can be the last word in luxury without necessarily breaking the bank.

And if your house is for sale and has been on the market for a while, think about putting a small one in your bathroom or off your den. It will make your home that much more marketable. And of course while you are waiting to sell you can all enjoy the luxury of having all those showers without having to clean the unit afterwards!

And perhaps you will fall so in love with your computerized shower you won't want to move after all!

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