Clean Non-washable Slippers

The problem with a lot of slippers is that they're incredibly comfortable to wear, but they're very difficult to clean. Their shape or the material they're made out of makes it impossible to place them in the washing machine without damaging the slippers or the washing machine. There are other ways to clean non-washable slippers to keep your favorite footwear clean and in good shape.

The Light Cleaning

If your slippers aren't very dirty, you can clean them by simply brushing them with a shoe brush and spot cleaning them with a lint-free cloth and a small amount of water. If you're having a harder time removing the dirt, add a drop or two of dish soap to the moistened dish cloth. Rub the soiled area in a gentle, circular motion. Let the slippers air dry completely. You can speed the process by placing the windows in front of a sunny window. There's no need to line dry them.

Tackling Touch Stains or Greasy Stains

The process for moving tough or greasy stains is much the same as it is for light cleaning. You may find that you need to use a little bit more dish detergent. Use a detergent that's designed to cut grease for more optimum results. Dab the detergent on the cloth and rinse the treated area thoroughly with clean water. Remove as much of the excess moisture as possible by dabbing the slipper dry with a clean, lint-free cloth. Allow to air dry. Once the slippers are dry you may notice that the material may be matted where you cleaned it. Lightly brush with a shoe brush to fluff up the material again.

Cleaning Filthy Slippers

If you've never washed your non-washable slippers before because you thought you couldn't, they may appear to be so filthy you might be tempted to toss them instead of tackling the challenge of cleaning them. The good news is that you can clean heavily soiled slippers and you may not need to through them out yet.

Begin by spraying the dirty slipper with a mist of water and use clean paper towel to blot the water off of the slipper. Toss the towels as soon as they become dirty. Repeat as often as necessary. You may need to spray the slipper with a heavier layer of mist even there's a lot of dirt.

Apply a small amount of dish soap to the surface of the slipper with a clean cloth. Rub in small circular motions until all stains are removed. Spritz the surface of the slippers and blot dry as many times as necessary to remove the soap.

By this time the slippers will be very wet. Shove folded up clean hand towels inside the slippers to help whisk away moisture. Let the slippers air dry and replace the towels every few hours as necessary. Avoid placing the slippers in direct sunlight when they're so wet. Too much heat will ruin them since the wet fabric could shrink or lose its shape when exposed to too much heat at one time.