Bath Towel Buying Guide

Drying Off in Style

When it comes to giving your bathroom a makeover, never underestimate the value of a well-placed warm bath towel, a luxurious hand towel, or a soft face towel or washcloth. Bathroom décor is rising to the top of the fashion charts with modern fixtures (i.e., spa steam showers, whirlpool baths, and hi-tech toilets), luxury bathroom accessories, and even designer bath rugs created by fashion gurus Calvin Klein, Martha Stewart, and Tommy Hilfiger. Bath towels aren't being 'left out to dry' either in the realm of modern bathroom décor. Today's wide array of bathroom towel styles, sizes, and colors will have you browsing for hours. Fortunately, the large selection guarantees that there is a bath towel to match every décor style and a bath towel set to meet every budget.

Bath Towel Sizes

Categorized by size, bath towels are comprised of the standard bath towel, the smaller hand towel, the face-sized washcloth or face towel, and even the finger towel (used primarily for decorative purposes in elegant rooms or modern luxury bathrooms).

Standard Bath Towel: Measuring from 27x52 inches to 30x58 inches, standard bath towels are mostly used to dry off after a steamy shower or a relaxing bubble bath. Look for dark-colored bath towels, pastel-colored bath towels, plain bath towels, decorative patterned bath towels, and designer bath towels.

Hand towel: Hand towels measure from 16-28 inches to 18x30 inches. Although highly functional, many hand towels are chosen for being highly fashionable and for adding a decorative touch to any bathroom décor. Choose from basic hand towels, embroidered hand towels, cotton hand towels, extra plush hand towels, super soft hand towels, and many more.

Face Towel or Washcloth: These smallest bath towels typically measure 13x13 inches and the just the right size for scrubbing your face in the shower or drying off your face after a bath. People also use facecloths to wipe small spills on the bathroom counter and to decorate a guest bathroom. For a classy touch, fold face cloths or hand towels into interesting and decorative shapes and place in a basket over the toilet tank or on the bathroom counter.

Bath Towel Textures and Styles

Some of the most popular bath towel fabrics and styles are:

•- Terrycloth Towels: Super absorbent as well as warm and soft to the touch, terrycloth bath towels are a bath time favorite. For a stylish bathroom ensemble, match your terrycloth bath towels to "his" or "her" terrycloth robes.

•- Turkish Towels: Known for their super size and super thickness, Turkish bath towels represent the opulent side of bed & bath towels and linens. Look for bright colors in regal shades.

•- Egyptian Cotton Towels: Drape yourself in bath towel royalty with durable, fade-resistant Egyptian cotton towels, one of the most sought-after bathroom accessories in the industry. Now you can beautify your bathroom without blowing your budget.

•- Microfiber Towels: Representing the latest innovations in the textile industry, microfiber bath towels are not only super soft to the touch; microfiber towels are ultra absorbent, allowing them to dry your skin and to become dry themselves in record time. Easy to fold up in soft bundles, these towels are great at home or to pack for a trip on the road.

•- Whimsical and Theme Bath Towels: Kids and adults alike will enjoy the wide array of modern whimsical and 'theme' bath towels, including cartoon character bath towels, rock star bath towels, surfboard bath towels, fun-in-the-sun bath towels, dolphin bath towels, Superhero bath towels, musical note bath towels, happy face bath towels, and many more.

Bathroom Towel Tip of the Day

•- To save yourself the hassle of mixing and matching bathroom towels, hand towels, and face cloths, and to create a coordinated bath environment, invest in a color-matching bathroom-towel set featuring your favorite colors and style.